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Monday, February 13, 2012

On Leave

For anyone that reads this, I'm going to leave the blog as it is for now. Being in school I'm busy, and there hasn't really been any interest as I can see so far. I would be interested in keeping this up to date, or even doing something else like videos of games but it's hard to get started. I know it would take more time and content to get interest in anything but I'll see what happens.

So if anyone if actually reading this let me know by way of a comment or send an email to jedimasterzll@gmail.com and I'll see about putting more stuff up, otherwise I may just start putting stuff up to vent my opinions on some games.

Till then I suppose this will be tucked away in a corner of the internet, unless the internet is round and doesn't have corners, in which case I guess it wouldn't stay put and it'll be rolling around the periphery of the internet.

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